Ace-Sydan LLC

A Joint Venture Between SydanTech LLC (Majority Owner) and Ace Info Solutions (A Dovel Company)

Ace-Sydan brings decades of experience from our member firms:

SydanTech LLC (Majority Owner) and Ace Info

Ace-Sydan has been collectively serving the US Government since 2002 as an SBA MP Joint Venture. Our customers include:

  • USDA

  • EPA

  • NOAA

  • US Coast Guard

  • Department of Interior

  • US Fish and Wildlife Service

Software / O&M

  • Agile

  • Waterfall

  • DevSecOpps

  • DME

  • Infrastructure

  • Cloud

  • Training

  • LMS / CBT

Cyber Security

  • RMF

  • A&A

  • NIST 800

  • Penetration Testing

  • Scanning

  • Threat Hunting

  • SOC

Daniel Zubairi, CISSP PMP

Managing Director and Senior Program Manager

Daniel servers as Managing Director, representing majority owner SydanTech LLC. He has been a Senior Project Manager on government projects since 2002 and has managed large BPAs and task orders.

Jay Challa


Jay represents Ace Info, a large firm with over 1000 employees across numerous agencies.


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